Great Books Council of San Francisco

Bay Area Adult Discussion Groups

The San Francisco Bay Area has adult discussion groups in most communities. The following is a list of these groups including their locations and times, contact information, and current readings for discussion.

For more information on individual groups, call or e-mail the group's contact person. Most groups welcome new members. Some groups have a waiting list. To make corrections or additions, please contact Jan Vargo (510) 849-1824 or

Meeting Place and Time Contact Name    Phone    Email Address Readings
Central Valley

Auburn: Placer County Library

350 Nevada St.

  2nd Tues, 1 pm

Donna Reynolds

Walter L. Wilson

(916) 797-8561

(530) 878-6640

GBF: The Seven Deadly Sins

Davis & Woodland: homes

  3rd Wed or Thurs, 1:30 pm

Pat Dearborn (530) 758-0108 GBF: Counterparts

Fair Oaks: private home

  2nd Wed, 7:30 pm

Catherine Vigran

Sheri Kindsvater

(916) 852-0615

Contact for information

Sacramento: Arden-Dimick Library

  Contact for date/time

Dorothy McHale
Jim Vasser
(916) 726-0758
(916) 638-0740

GBF: Great Conversations 6,
Science Fiction Omnibus

Sacramento: Hart Senior Center

  4th Mon, 10 am

Senior Center
Charlotte Donovan
(916) 808-5462
(916) 457-8756 Contact for information

Sacramento: State University
6000 J St.

  Fri twice a month, 10 am

John Quattrin
Pam Flohr
(916) 971-1460
(916) 876-0314

GBF: Short Story Omnibus,
GBF: 50th Anniversary Series,

Walnut Grove: Sacramento Delta homes

  2nd and 4th Tues, 10 am

Yvonne Pylman (916) 744-1354 GBF: Great Conversations 4 & 5
East Bay

Alameda: Main Library

  2nd Tues, 6 pm

Jeff Hitchings (240) 893-0325

GBF: 5th Series

Albany: Alameda County Library
Marin Ave. branch

  4th Wed, 1:30 pm

Rosalie Gonzales
Albany Public Library
(510) 525-3029
(510) 526-3720

GBF: Immigrant Voices,
GBF: Counterparts

Berkeley Poetry Group: private home

  1st Thurs, 7 pm

Carol Hochberg (510) 666-8496 Poetry: members' selections

El Cerrito: Open House Senior Center

  3rd Tues, 1 pm

Cecilia Arthur (510) 235-7190 GBF: Politics, Leadership and Justice

Hercules Public Library

  Last Mon, 7 pm

Mary Peters (510) 245-7190 GBF: Short Story Omnibus

Oakland: Lake Park Residence
1850 Alice St.

  2nd Thurs, 7 pm

Jan Vargo (510) 849-1824 GBF: Immigrant Voices,
GBF: Imperfect Ideal,

Pleasanton: Towne Center Books
555 Main St.

  4th Mon, 7:30 pm

Brian Mahoney

Peter MacDonald

(510) 301-1945

(925) 462-4430


Walnut Creek: homes in area

  2nd Mon, 8 pm

Ronald Kihara Books and other selections

Walnut Creek: Rossmoor

  4th Mon, 10 am (not Dec)

Bill Kadner
Betty Cash
(503) 819-7343
(925) 926-0731

GBF: Short Story Omnibus,
GBF: Immigrant Voices,

Walnut Creek: Rossmoor
Dollar Clubhouse

  4th Mon, 7 pm

John Marsyla
Barbara Shapiro
(925) 817-9422
(702) 812-5765
GBF: Immigrant Voices

Walnut Creek: Rossmoor
Creekside Building

  4th Fri, 1-3 pm

Joe Ficurelli
Louise Dibble
(925) 210-1840
(925) 954-7461
GBF: Even Deadlier

Mill Valley: W. America Bank
64 E. Blithedale Ave.

  2nd and 4th Thurs, 7:30 pm

Norman Nayfach (415) 499-3173 GBF: Counterparts,

Novato: Hamilton Field SIR (Sons in Retirement)
(membership reqd)

  4th Thurs

Dick Locke
Jim Rohde
(415) 897-1572
(415) 897-1613
GBF: 2nd Series

San Rafael: Falkirk Mansion
1408 Mission Ave.

  1st Thurs, 1:30 pm

Louis Rutledge

Phillip Sheridan

(415) 388-2937

(415) 233-2987

Contact for information

Tiburon: Belvedere-Tiburon Library
Founders' Room

  2nd Tues, 1:15 pm (not July/Aug)

Phyllis Trieber

Alice Shelton

(415) 435-1452

(415) 435-2561 GBF: Even Deadlier,
GBF: Great Conversations 6
San Francisco

Anza Branch Library
550 37th Ave.

  3rd Sat, 1 pm

Clifford Louie (415) 750-1786 GBF: Intro. to Great Books 2,
GBF: The Seven Deadly Sins


  3rd Sun, 7 pm

Nancy Wortman (415) 566-1392 Contact for information

Main Library
100 Larkin St.

  1st Thurs, 5:30 pm

Jim Hall (415) 613-4746

GBF: 1st Series

Noe Valley Branch Library
451 Jersey St.

  2nd Wed, 6:15 pm

Elena Schmid (415) 550-9065 GBF: 5th Series

North Beach Branch Library
850 Columbus Ave.

  2nd Sat, 1 pm

Jim Hall (415) 613-4746 GBF: Intro. to Great Books 3

Presidio Branch Library
3150 Sacramento St.

  1st Wed, 6:30 pm

Jim Hall

Chris Hammer

(415) 613-4746

(415) 928-7941

GBF: Counterparts

Richmond Branch Library
351 9th Ave.

  2nd Tues, 6:15 pm

Jim Hall

Clifford Louie

(415) 613-4746

(415) 750-1786

GBF: Counterparts,
GBF: Imperfect Ideal

Sunset Branch Library
1305 18th Ave.

  3rd Tues, 6:15 pm

Clifford Louie (415) 750-1786 GBF: Intro. to Great Books 3,
GBF: The Seven Deadly Sins

The Sequoias
1400 Geary Blvd.

  3rd Tues, 3 pm

Jim Hall (415) 613-4746 GBF: Great Conversations 1

West Portal Branch Library
190 Lenox Way

  4th Wed, 6:30 pm (not Dec)

Jim Hall (415) 613-4746 GBF: Intro. to Great Books 1,
GBF: Counterparts
San Joaquin, Foothills, Sierras

Visalia: College of the Sequoias

  Mon, 4 pm

Joseph Teller (559) 730-3925 Contact for information
Sonoma County & North Coast

Rohnert Park: Oak View

  1st and 3rd Tues, 7 pm

Jim Hall

Jeff Fulton

(415) 613-4746

(707) 584-0583

GBF: Great Conversations 1

Santa Rosa: Friends House

  1st and 3rd Wed, 7:15 pm

Jim Hall

Jean Holroyd-Sills

(415) 613-4746
(707) 539-7192

GBF: Great Conversations 4
South Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey

Los Altos: Public Library
San Antonio Rd.

  3rd Tues, 6 pm

Marcene Van Dierendonck
Jennifer Sheppard
(650) 961-7380
GBF: 1st Series,

Los Gatos: Unitarian Fellowship
15980 Blossom Hill

  2nd Mon, 7:30 pm

Brent Browning

Erma Browning

(408) 353-6340

GBF: 1st Series

Monterey: Monterey Peninsula College
Great Books Certificate Program

  Contact for information

David Clemens (831) 646-4267
Contact for information

Monterey: Monterey Peninsula College
Great Books club

  Contact for information

Anita Johnson, PhD
David Clemens, Eng. Dept.
(831) 646-4062
(831) 646-4267
Contact for information

Palo Alto: Home

  2nd Wed, 7:30 pm

Theda Firschein (650) 854-3980 GBF: Great Conversations 6

San Jose, Los Altos, Sunnyvale area: Homes

  2nd and 4th Tues, 1 pm

Elaine Dvorak
Willie Wool
(408) 249-5412
(408) 738-4807

GBF: Short Story Omnibus,
GBF: Counterparts,

Santa Cruz: Dominican Oaks

  1st Thurs, 1:15 pm

Faye Alexander (831) 476-8575 GBF: Great Conversations 6,
GBF: The Seven Deadly Sins

Soquel: Cliffwood Estates Clubhouse

  1st Wed, noon

Susan Gorsky
Judy McNeely
(831) 688-5371
Contact for information

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